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The as of yet, final version. Somethings, are never really over. "Somethings" by Ian Morrison / Narq The track will be released on soundcloud.com/narq on Oct 11th 2016. Follow on soundcloud for more info. Special thank to Team Wow for the dancing, choreography, support and facilitation!

Licence to Chill by narq

Gameboy Advance + Proper synths. Best heard wearing spectacles.


Wicked space silhouette selfy #moon #384400km #nofilter

Awe inspiring images from NASA’s Apollo missions. Such visionaries, they shot them 6 x 6 square, like on Instagram.

Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle

Alan Partridge attempts to make amends after a controversial on-air incident. Leaving behind his comfortable existence and vast detached house, Alan heads to the north on a deeply personal journey of redemption

A great bit of Alan Partridge.

Jay Miner, father of the Amiga, cut his graphics teeth designing the TIA chip in the Atari 2600. I'd played a few VCS games on a cousin's system as a kid, but I never really appreciated the power locked within the machine. Sure, it only had a 1.19 MHz 6502 with it's wings clipped, and 128 bytes (!) of RAM, but TIA, synced to the cathode beam, allowed incredible feats to be achieved.
Here’s a few videos about the hardware, and developing software for the platform.

Stella - Incredible Atari 2600 emulator http://stella.sourceforge.net/

How to use the Stella Debugger, an incredible tool

Atari 2600 Roms